Tree Removal

Removals of all wood big and small, leaves and saw dust cleanup.

Stump Removal

Grinding of stump 4 to 8 inches below grade unless otherwise specified.  Grindings are mounded.


To create clearances and views.


Selective pruning through out the trees crown to provide proper health & structure of the tree.

Tree Planting

The process of transplanting trees generally for forestry, land reclaimation or landscaping purposes.

Arborist Services

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Land Clearing

Reclaiming overgrown yards, selective thinning of wooded areas, underbrush and saplings. Clear wooded areas for new construction, or simply maintain open land to provide a clean kept appearance of your property.

Crane Service

To help assist in removal of large and/or dangerous trees in a safe working manner.

Emergency Service

Our staff and crews are on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week to help our clients handle unexpected tree care emergencies. (Always use caution when inspecting tree damage on your property.  Fallen limbs and trees may have tension and snap or shift unexpectedly. There may also be energized fallen power lines nearby.) If you have a Tree Care Emergency, call @ 814 882-5111 or email [email protected] .


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Snow Management

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